About Us

Aselkon Hydraulic started its work in the sector in 2006 for the sake of helping the country and the Konya industry.

It put it signature on many products with experienced technical personnel. In the future it aims to increase this number with the staff without comprimising quality.

To the present day from the date of establishment of our company customers has ensured the experience r eliability and effectiveness.

Our company continuously developing together with high automation and flexibility his product and service quality in order to provide better quality products and mor e comprehensive support.

Our firm has information, required materials and equipments for doing its commitments on the time, Always aims to do best and continusly increase the customer satisfaction.

Our company’s main target is to offer whole solutiions.Our company is working on all plans, design and montage.

We have changed ourselves for our changing customers, we have improved ourselves with them. Our catchword is “high quality, economic production” Your need for productions equipments all here in aselkon our aim is to be unique company.


Our mission is to please firstly our customers than workers and suppliers. We continue our production without compromising the satisfaction of all our stakeholders.


Our vision is to supply our partners needs with all crew and to be fast by applying modern management system. Offers best quality to its customers and always respect to environment. The company’s main and best interests is to keep the customer satisfaction at the maximum le vel.